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LMR Customer Information: Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Prepare RFQ & Written Request

Ordering agency Contracting Officer shall prepare a Request for Quotes outlining its Specification/Statement of Work and evaluation plan. A written request for offers must include a. the components of the offer, b. format for submission, c. timeframe for submission, d. basis for selection, and e. any other relevant instructions to the contractor, including those regarding discussions.

Step 2 - Request Approval

Contact the IRS Contracting Officer with a written request to discuss requirements and plans to utilize the LMR contract to procure items. Receive approval before proceeding with the issuance of RFQ to the contractors.

Step 3 – Request Quotes

The Ordering agency shall send Request for Quotes (RFQ) to the LMR contractors. Agency COs may coordinate and conduct questions and answers with the LMR contractors. The contractors will submit proposals against the RFQ. Contractors not interested in submitting proposals will submit a written “NO Bid” response to the Ordering agency CO.

Step 4 - Select Contractor

Determine the most beneficial contractor selection procedures for your requirement. See FAR 16.505(b)(2) on providing fair opportunity to contractors for orders in excess of $3,000. Ordering Agency will be allowed to use Logical follow-on only if original equipment was purchased under one of these 7 LMR contracts and all eligible contractors were given a fair opportunity to compete on the original order. In the event that any of the Exceptions to Fair Opportunity are employed, the rationale must be thoroughly documented. See samples of letters in the Section J.2 attachments of the contract.

Step 5 - Negotiate Terms

Reach agreement on the Contractor's approach to meeting the task requirements.

Step 6 - Administer Task Order

Each Agency authorized user shall be responsible for the issuance, administration, and payment of invoices for all orders issued or its requirements against the LMR contract(s).

Step 7 – Maintain Task Order Records

All authorized users are responsible for maintaining a record of orders placed and the related process. A copy of all delivery orders and delivery modifications must be submitted to the Contracting Officer/Specialist within five (5) days of issuance.

Step 8 – Maintain Transaction Records

When final acceptance of equipment is made, electronically record date of acceptance in the transaction record and forward to the LMR COTRs listed in the form. When final payment is received, contractor must indicate payment is received electronically by completing the transaction record form and submitting to the technical originator and COTR, Ordering CO and IRS CO as indicated in the form. Please see the attached Transaction Record Form.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 03-Feb-2014