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Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Contractors - RELM

Contract No.: TIRNO-10-D-00004

Contractor: RELM Wireless Corporation

Address: 7100 Technology Drive West Melbourne, FL 32904

Business Size: Small Business

DUNS: 006418933

TIN: 35-0827418

Points of Contact:

 Contractor Shari Sharp Director of Business Operations
 Technical Jim Holthaus Director of Federal Sales

Main P.O.C Shari Sharp

Contract Administrator: Shari Sharp
Phone 321-953-7952
Fax 321-676-4403

Contracts Manager: Shari Sharp
Phone 321-953-7952
Fax 321-676-4403

Program/Project Manager: Jim Holthaus
Phone 402-990-1551
Fax 800-753-0942

Discount for Prompt Payment:

Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs)

Product Information:

Warranty: See Section H.4 of the contract

Additional Warranty Terms and Conditions:

RELM/BK Radio Warranty Information


RELM Wireless ("Warrantor") warrants to the Purchaser of new radio equipment of the Warrantor's manufacture that such equipment shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase of the equipment on the basic unit and one year on the antenna, battery and all other accessories. Equipment and accessory items not manufactured by the Warrantor carry the standard warranty of the manufacturer thereof.

This warranty does not cover equipment which has been: (a) damaged or not maintained as reasonable or necessary, (b) modified in any way, including the removal of the serial tag, (c) improperly installed, (d) repaired by someone other than the Warrantor or an Authorized Warranty Repair Station or (e) used in a manner or purpose for which the equipment was not intended. This warranty shall not extend to incidental or consequential damages arising from the operation of the equipment or from any claimed breach of this warranty.

To obtain warranty repair, the customer must return the equipment properly packaged and freight prepaid to the Warrantor or any Authorized Warranty Repair Station. The equipment will be returned freight prepaid from the warrantor only.
The limited warranty is the only warranty with respect to the equipment and is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Warrantor hereby DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND
THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. No person, whether in the employment of the Warrantor or not, is authorized to make oral or other modifications, extensions, or additions to this
warranty, unless approved in writing by an authorized officer of the Warrantor at its home office.

The liability of the Warrantor is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the equipment as described herein. Warrantor shall not be liable to the Purchaser and the Purchaser shall, upon his tender of the purchase price for the equipment, agree that the Warrantor shall not be liable, in any respect, for the equipment or damages caused thereby, except as prescribed herein, whether such liability is predicated upon negligence, tort, contract or other product liability theory.


(Not available internationally)


Extends normal 2 year warranty to 3 years
LFW 0012 $ 143.00


Extends normal 2 year warranty to 4 years
LFW 0024 $ 179.00


Extends normal 2 year warranty to 5 years
LFW 0036 $ 199.00


All repairs must be performed by an authorized RELM Wireless service center during the life of the warranty.
Except for duration and factory-only repair, extended warranties are identical to our standard 2 year warranty.
Factory extended warranties cover all RELM Wireless portables or mobiles and must be purchased at point of sale.

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