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Late Breaking News!


Forms 720, 2290 and 8849 will be using new Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) in test scenarios effective June 3, 2013.  The new EINs are located in Exhibit 4, of the TY 2013 Modernized e-File Test Package for Excise Tax Returns (Publication 4594).

Form 720, TY 2013 Part II for IRS No. 106 Arrow Shaft has an adjusted rate for the tax on sale of arrow shafts from $.46 to $.48 for 2013. The adjusted rate is not included in the current schemas but will be updated in a future release.

Form 720, Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return will not be available electronically for the First Quarter (January through March) of Tax Year 2010. As a result, all Form 720 returns must be filed on paper for the First Quarter.

Form 720, Schedule C Line 13 and 14 (except line 14d) calendar year 2010 claims for these credits cannot be made on form 720. See the 2010 Instructions for Form 8849, Schedule 3 for information on the special one-time method for claiming calendar year 2010. The Caution statements will be updated during the 1st Quarter of 2011.

Form 8849, Schedule 1 is now supported by the IRS’ electronic Excise Tax Program through the Modernized e-file (MeF) platform. It is available for ATS and production for processing year 2010 in Schema versions 2010v1.1, and 2009v2.3.

Form 8849, Schedule 3 for tax year 2010 claims are now available for e-file. Currently the Schedule 3 (Form 8849) stylesheet has a caution statement for lines 2 and 3 stating that credits have expired. We will be updating the Schedule 3 (Form 8849) stylesheet for tax year 2010  in a future release to reflect recently passed legislation.

Form 8849, Schedule 3 for tax year 2011 claims will not be available for e-file. We are in the process of updating the Schedule 3 (Form 8849) to reflect recently passed legislation. We anticipate the Schedule 3 (Form 8849) to be available for e-file in February 2011. In the interim, a paper claim will need to be filed.

Form 8849, Schedule 3, Line 2, Biodiesel or Renewable Diesel Mixture Credit, is supported with a binary attachment. It is available for ATS and production for processing year 2010.

Form 8849, Schedules 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 will now be supported by the IRS' Excise Tax e-File and Compliance (ETEC) Program through the Modernized e-File (MeF) platform.

Excise Hotline - Please do not contact the e-Help Desk for tax related matters. If you need assistance with a taxpayer/business needing guidance on a tax related matter, you/they may call the Excise Hotline at (866) 699-4096 Monday thru Friday, 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Eastern Standard time.

Empty payment vouchers should not be forwarded when processing excise returns. This causes the system to "hang" at EFTPS, could delay processing of the return, may generate a NOTICE to the taxpayer or transmitter, and requires manual intervention to correct the problem.

Changes in your programs should be tested with the IRS before sending in production returns. You may avoid unnecessary rejects by testing your changes. Contact the e-Help Desk at 1-866-255-0654, Monday through Friday, 6:30am - 6:00pm (Central Standard Time).

Name Controls may be difficult for some taxpayers to determine.  Name Control instructions cane be found in Publication 4594, Modernized e-File Test Package For Excise Tax e-File, Name Control Aid, Exhibit 3, located on Page 18. If any ETEC Program Form continues to reject because of a Name Control error, taxpayers can call the Business and Specialty Line at 1-800-829-4933 to verify the correct Name Control.

Duplicate & Amended Returns - To avoid duplicate return processing, DO NOT issue a new submission ID when you resubmit a return. DO check the 'amended return box' when submitting an amended return.


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