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The latest acquisition and TIPSS-3 news.


The TIPSS Program Branch is pleased to announce that the TIPSS-3 contracts have been extended for an additional 6-month period.  The new 6-month extension will be from October 28, 2010 through April 27, 2011.  If you have a TIPSS-3 Task Order, please contact your Contracting Officer in the TIPSS Program Branch to discuss what this contract extension may mean to you and what options are available to you.  If you do not know who your Contracting Officer is, please call the TIPSS-3 Hotline on 202-283-1110 or e-mail us at  for further details. 

If you have a new requirement for services available under the TIPSS-3 contracts, please call the TIPSS Hotline on 202-283-1110 or e-mail us at for guidance on utilizing the TIPSS-3 contracts.
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A list of upcoming events related to the TIPSS-3 Program.


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