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Important Information on Pay and Benefits during Furlough

  • Pay Period 19 deposits
    • IRS employees are advised that payroll deposits for Pay Period 19, covering Sept. 22-Oct. 5, will generally only reflect pay earned through the end of Sept. 30 – the last day before the appropriations lapse. The official pay date of Oct. 17 remains unaffected, but the posting of funds to bank accounts may be delayed due to the Columbus Day holiday.


  • Deductions in Pay Period 19
    • Pay earned in Pay Period 19 is subject to all regular deductions. Employees should note that while certain deductions are calculated as a percentage of the actual gross pay earned (like taxes, retirement, Social Security, Medicare), those that are calculated as a flat dollar amount (like Federal Employees Health Benefits, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, court-ordered collections, charitable contributions) will still be deducted in the full standard amount. If an employee’s gross pay is insufficient to cover all deductions, they will be processed by the National Finance Center according to the order of precedence as established by the Office of Personnel Management.


  • Columbus Day
    • An employee (including excepted employees) who does not work on a holiday will not receive pay for a holiday that occurs during a shutdown; see Section G of Guidance for Shutdown Furloughs (.pdf). If a bill is enacted to compensate federal employees for pay lost as a result of the shutdown furlough, employees may be paid for the holiday. The federal government will be obligated to pay an excepted employee who performs work on a holiday according to the normal rules governing pay for work on a holiday.


  • Health-care coverage
    • IRS employees are advised that FEHB health-care coverage continues during furlough; see page 11 of Guidance for Shutdown Furloughs (.pdf).


Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 29-Oct-2013