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Information for IRS Employees about Unemployment Compensation

For information on eligibility and filing for unemployment, IRS employees are encouraged to visit:

  • Unemployment compensation for federal employees (U.S. Dept. of Labor)  
  • State Labor offices (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
  • State programs and requirements (.pdf)

You should note the following important points:

  • Unemployment compensation rules differ by state. 
  • Unemployment benefits are filed in the jurisdiction in which you work, not where you live.
  • If you qualify for and receive unemployment compensation, please note that you will have to repay those funds upon your return to work once back pay to cover the furlough period is approved by the full Congress and signed by the President.
  • Your agency does not have send a Form TSP-41 to the TSP during a federal government shutdown. A shutdown is a rare occurrence and is typically of short duration. The
    Form TSP-41 is intended for participants who are being placed on extended leave without pay, e.g., due to illness, military furlough, maternity leave, etc. It is not practical for the agencies to complete and submit Forms TSP-41 for all of their furloughed employees who have TSP loans (both at the beginning of the furlough and at the end), and it is not practical for the TSP to process these forms.

This is the documentation that you may need:

  • Your latest Form W-2 and Statement of Earnings and Leave from the National Finance Center. You can get this by accessing your Employee Personal Page. If you forgot your user name or password, you may use the automated tools to request them online or by email. If you do not have an alternate (non-IRS) email address established and cannot retrieve your password, contact NFC at: 855-632-4468 and select option #5 for EPP.
  • Your official furlough notice.
  • The SF-8 Notice to Federal Employee about Unemployment Insurance; the required information for IRS employees has already been filled in.
  • Your latest SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action. Note that the SF-50 related to the current shutdown furlough has not been processed yet and is not needed for you to file.

For questions related to accessing any documentation required to file for unemployment, contact IRS at 866-743-5748, and select Option #1 then Option #2.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 29-Oct-2013