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Organization, Finance, and Management – Part 1

IRM 1.4.11 Field Assistance Services; Return Preparation Services
An IRM procedural update effective 01/16/2014 was issued to revise IRM 1.4.11 regarding Field Assistance Services and Return Preparation Services.

IRM 1.4.50 - Interim Guidance on GM Review of Paper Case Files Prior to Approval
The purpose of this memorandum is to issue interim guidance that clarifies expectations addressed in IRM, Work Submitted for Approval/ Closure.

IRM 1.4.52 Required Number of Cases for Review (Offer in Compromise)
Collection policy issued a memo to employees on May 7, 2013 supplementing IRM 1.4.52. The purpose of this memo is to provide guidance to Field Offer in Compromise Group Managers relative to the minimum number of annual performance case reviews which should be conducted per year.

IRM 1.11.9 Interim Guidance on Clearance of Internal Management Documents (IMDs) related to Privacy, Information Protection, and Identity Theft through PGLD
This guidance is now incorporated into the IRM. Following the link above will take you to IRM 1.11.9 where the guidance has been incorporated. This link will be removed on 5/8/2014.

All Published Guidance - the Internal Revenue Manual
To find all published guidance for employees go to the corresponding Part of the Internal Revenue Manual.

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