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Part 13 - Taxpayer Advocate Service

This page contains interim guidance relating to instructions in IRM Part 13 currently in effect but not yet published in the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM).

IRM 13.1.7 Interim Guidance on Accepting Cases Under Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) Case Criteria 8, Best Interest of the Taxpayer
The National Taxpayer Advocate issued guidance on when to accept cases under Criteria 8, i.e., that if any of the rights in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights have been impaired and no other criteria fit, it would be appropriate to accept the case under Criteria 8. Effective 6/10/2014.

IRM 13.3.2 Interim Guidance on Systemic Advocacy Process Improvements
The National Taxpayer Advocate issued guidance on improvements to systemic advocacy processes designed to reflect the focus on systemic advocacy efforts within all of TAS. Effective date May 27, 2014.

All Published Guidance - the Internal Revenue Manual
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