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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft (ASL) - YouTube video text script

Hi, I’m Patti and I work for the IRS.

If you lose your wallet or if your mail is stolen, you could be at risk for Identity Theft.   

If you see questionable charges on one of your credit card statements you may already be a victim.
And even though not all cases of Identity Theft affect tax records, it’s still an issue we take seriously. 
We know that this is a frustrating, time-consuming process for victims, which is why your best defense is a good offense.
So here are some strategies.
Be sure to protect your personal information such as your social security card.
Leave it in a safe place instead of your wallet, just in case your wallet is lost or stolen.
And when it comes to your Social Security Number, only give it out when absolutely necessary. 
When you’re online, be very careful about sharing your personal information. 
And be careful with your paper documents as well.
Be sure to shred them before throwing them in the trash.
It’s also a good idea to check your financial accounts regularly for any unusual activity.

Finally, make sure you store your financial documents in a safe location.
We want you to know that the IRS does not send emails out of the blue. We especially don’t send email asking for your personal or financial information. 
If you get something like that, let us know.
And in the meantime, don’t click on any links or respond to email asking for your personal information.
We want you to know we are focusing on preventing, detecting, and resolving Identity Theft cases as soon as possible. 
If you believe you’ve been a victim of Identity Theft, contact us right away, so we can take the steps necessary to secure your tax account.
To learn more about Identity Theft and your tax account, just go to and click Identity Theft on the homepage.

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