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IRS Contractor Investigation Risk Assessment Checklist (RAC)

IRS contractors who require a background investigation prior to starting work on an IRS contract must complete the RAC xls spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is completed by the vendor and individual contractor, and should be forwarded to both the COTR of record and the Contractor Security Lifecycle Program (CSLP) office.

All fields on Tab 1 of the RAC must be completed. Tab 2 contains instructions for each field. The spreadsheet contains a variety of information required for entry into various IRS systems to initiate and/or update the contractor investigation. These systems include but are not limited to:

• PBIP (PIV Background Investigation Process) – the contractor lifecycle tracking system, which tracks personal, investigation, training, badge, and separation information.
• USAccess – government-wide system used to submit fingerprints to OPM for a criminal check.
• ABIS (Automated Background Investigation System) – the system used to initiate the actual IRS investigation.
• e-QIP – the OPM  system used to complete the SF85 or SF85P (Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions)

Other forms that may be required prior to the investigation initiation may include the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Form 13440), Tax Check Notice (Form 1379), and the Declaration for Federal Employment (OF 0306).  You will be notified regarding which forms are required when you are contacted about initiating investigations for a specific contract with the IRS.  

If you have questions or concerns please contact Contractor Security Lifecycle Program office.  Be sure to include the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) on any questions or communications with CSLP.

Risk Assessment Spreadsheet
13340 - Fair Credit Reporting Act
1379 - Tax Record Check Notice
OF-306 - Declaration for Federal Employment
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