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Step 4 - Negotiate Terms

o make it easier for you, the customer, to understand the award process from contractor selection to task order award, we have created a flowchart that details the process step-by-step.

Pre-Task Meeting
You have the option of participating in a Pre-Task Meeting with the Contractor to discuss your task requirements. The Lead COTR prepares the agenda, schedules the room, invites the attendees, provides the ground rules for this meeting to all attendees, and facilitates the meeting. At the meeting, you will meet the Contracting Officer (CO) who is responsible for your task. Also, you will meet the Lead COTR who is responsible for oversight of the selected Contractor.

Technical Evaluation
The technical analysis is a predecisional document which supports (by recording and substantiating) the technical judgments and assumptions which the Government used to determine (1) that the Contractor's proposals provide an acceptable risk of successful performance, and (2) that the costs associated with that proposed performance are fair and reasonable.

The CO will negotiate the terms and conditions of the Task Order, either in person or by phone. Both you and the Lead COTR will be expected to participate in negotiations to provide technical support to the CO.

Task Order Award
When awarded, your Task becomes a Task Order, and a Task Order Number will be assigned for tracking purposes.
Definitized Award
When a proposal has been received, evaluated, and negotiated, and all terms and conditions are understood and agreed upon, the CO will make a definitized Task Order award.
Undefinitized Award
On occasion, it is necessary for the CO to make the determination that there is not enough time to complete negotiations before work needs to commence on a Task Order. There is a potential for increased costs for this work if the task is not negotiated prior to award. When an undefinitized award is needed, the Contractor will provide a not-to-exceed (NTE) amount to you, through your Lead COTR, for your concurrence. An undefinitized award will be made, based on the agreed-upon NTE. Within 60 days of an undefinitized award, the Task Order must be definitized as described above.

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