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TIPSS-4 Copy of Contract - Information Technology Services (ITS)

• Section A Solicitation/Contract Form

• Section B Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs

• Section C Description/ Specifications/Work Statement

• Section D Packaging and Marking

• Section E Inspection and Acceptance

• Section F Deliveries or Performance

• Section G Contract Administration Data

• Section H Special Contract Requirements

• Section I Contract Clauses

• Section J List of Attachments

  • Attachment 2-Section 508
  • Attachment 3-NDA
  • Attachment 4-Deliverables Cover Letter
  • Attachment 5-Deliverables Acceptance Form
  • Attachment 6-TO Status Report
  • Attachment 7-Fixed Price TO Status Report
  • Attachment 8-Qtrly Property Report-software
  • Attachment 9-Qrtly Property Report-hardware
  • Attachment 10-Qtrly Bureau Report
  • Attachment 11-HBCU
  • Attachment 12-IRS HSPD12 Manual
  • Attachment 13-EVM Guide v2.0
  • Attachment 14-EVMS_IntentGuide_Nov06_Appendix
  • Attachment 15-Compliance Report

• Section K Representations and Certifications

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