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Treasury Contracting Officers Technical Representatives (COTR)

TAI COTR Course Offerings

Department of the Treasury COTR Information:

The Role of the COTR

The Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) is a key player in the contract award and administration process. The COTR’s role is vital in ensuring successful contract completion. Frequently, the main focus in the procurement cycle is on contract award, with post-award administration receiving less attention. As a COTR, you must ensure that the Treasury mission is met, that contractors fulfill contract terms and conditions, and that taxpayer dollars are prudently spent. Public service is a public trust. Contracting Officers and COTRs must balance public trust responsibilities with the demands of timely program accomplishment.

We maximize the likelihood of success by understanding the different roles and responsibilities of Contracting Officers and COTRs, by working together as a team when those roles and responsibilities overlap, by understanding the rules, and by finding innovative solutions to problems within those rules. A trained workforce is essential.

Policy (Revised - April 28, 2004)

Acquisition Circular (AC) No. 02-01, April 28, 2004 Department of Treasury Acquisition Regulation (DTAR) 1001.670 – Training, Nomination, Appointment, and Termination of Appointment of Contracting Officer’s Technical Representatives (COTRs) & DTAR 1052.201-70 - Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) Appointment and Authority

How Can I Be Appointed as a Treasury COTR?

In order to be appointed as a COTR for a Treasury contract, you must meet the DTAR 1001-670 training and experience requirements and any Bureau-specific requirements, you must be nominated by the program office or requisitioning office to the contracting officer, and you must coordinate with the contracting officer on the duties to be assigned to you. You will then be appointed in writing by the contracting officer to the contract(s) assigned to you.


How Can I Obtain the Basic COTR Training Course?

DTAR 1001-670-2 states, “Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) training must consist of a basic acquisition course of at least 24 hours approved by the Bureau Chief Procurement Officer (BCPO) that includes pre-award, post-award, and procurement ethics training.“

NOTE: Bureaus may supplement the mandatory training requirement with additional learning opportunities as appropriate (i.e., Mentoring, OJT, etc.)

Treasury Recommended Sources for Basic COTR Training:

-  Classroom-Based Training: Treasury Acquisition Institute

-  Online Basic COTR Training:
    Defense Acquisition University Continuous Learning Center -
    Register through the: Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) Training Application
   Instructions - Registering for & Accessing courses

Course No.

Course Title


 CLC 106

 COR with a Mission Focus


CLM 024 

Contracting Overview 


CLM 016 

Cost Estimating 


NOTE: These courses may also be used to fulfill the 8-hour maintenance training requirement. If you are completing the online courses to meet the Treasury basic training requirement, all 3 courses must be successfully completed in order to fulfill the 24-hour requirement. Upon successful completion, you must print & maintain all 3 Certificates of Completion as evidence of meeting the Treasury training requirement.

Bureaus may supplement the mandatory training requirement with additional learning opportunities as appropriate (i.e., Mentoring, OJT, etc.)

How Can I Obtain My Annual COTR Maintenance Training?

DTAR 1001.670-2 states, "Upon completion of the basic course, COTRs are required to complete at least 8 hours of maintenance training each year. Examples of COTR maintenance training include, but are not limited to, acquisition, technical, job-specific, or project management courses."

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