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Where To File - Forms Beginning With The Number 5

Note: Some addresses may not match a particular instruction booklet or publication. This is due to changes being made after the publication was printed. This site will reflect the most current Where to File Addresses for use during Calendar Year 2014.

Addresses for Forms Beginning with the Number 5
Form Name
(Current and previous year Forms, Instructions, and Publications are provided on the Forms and Publications page)
Address to Mail Form to IRS:

Form 56 Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship

File Form 56 at Internal Revenue Service Center where the person for whom you are acting is required to file tax returns. If you wish to receive tax notices for more than one form and one of the forms is Form 1040, file Form 56 with the IRS center where the person for whom you are acting is required to file Form 1040.

Form 56-F Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship of Financial Institution.

Internal Revenue Service
PO Box 934, Stop 1005
Austin, TX 78767

Form 5074 Allocation of Individual Income Tax to Guam or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

Address to send Form 5074
Form 5227, Split-Interest Trust Information Return

U.S. Address:
If you are located in the United States, send Form 5227 to:

   Department of the Treasury
   Internal Revenue Service
   Ogden, UT 84201-0027

Outside the U.S.
If you are located in a foreign country, send Form 5227 to:

   Internal Revenue Service
   P.O. Box 409101
   Ogden, UT 84409

Form 5472 Information Return of a 25% Foreign-Owned U.S. Corporation or a Foreign Corporation Engaged in a U.S. Trade or Business Attach Form 5472 to the reporting corporation's income tax return. If tax return is not filed when due, file a timely Form 5472 separately with the service center where the return is due. When the return is filed, attach a copy of the previously filed 5472.

Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan

Form 5500-EZ Annual Return of One Participant (Owners and Their Spouses) Retirement Plan

Form 5500-SF Annual Return/Report of Small Employee Benefit Plans

Address to send Form 5500, 5500-EZ or 5500-SF
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