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Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit (section 48C)

What's New

Notice 2013-12 Announces New Allocation Round; $150,228,397 Available

Notice 2013-12, issued February 7, 2013, announced the availability of $150,228,397 in section 48C tax credits in the Phase II allocation round in 2013.  Application procedures are different than in the first allocation round.  The first deadline to be met is April 9, 2013.  See Notice 2013-12 and the updated Frequently Asked Questions, available through the links below.  The Frequently Asked Questions are updated every Monday.


The Qualifying Advanced Energy Project tax credit is a credit for businesses which establish, expand or re-equip a manufacturing facility for the production of —

  • property designed to be used to produce energy from the sun, wind, geothermal deposits or other renewable resources,
  • fuel cells, microturbines, or an energy storage system for use with electric or hybrid-electric motor vehicles,
  • electric grids to support the transmission of intermittent sources of renewable energy, including storage of such energy,
  • property designed to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emissions,
  • property designed to refine or blend renewable fuels or to produce energy conservation technologies (including energy-conserving lighting technologies and smart grid technologies),
  • new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles, qualified plug-in electric vehicles, or components which are designed specifically for use with such vehicles, including electric motors, generators, and power control units, or
  • other advanced energy property designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

An example is building a factory to manufacture solar panels.

Because the credit was enacted as section 48C of the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26 of the U.S. Code), it is sometimes referred to as the section 48C (§ 48C) credit.

The credit amount is 30% of qualified investment in selected manufacturing facilities. Taxpayers must apply in advance and have their facilities selected to be eligible for the credit.  The process for applying and being allocated a credit is summarized as follows (details are in Notice 2013-12):

  • The taxpayer applies for the credit.
  • If approved, the IRS sends the taxpayer a letter allocating a credit to the taxpayer’s project.
  • The taxpayer sends the IRS two signed copies of the required agreement (Appendix A of Notice 2013-12).
  • The IRS signs the two copies of the agreement and returns one to the taxpayer.
  • Within 1 year of the date of the allocation letter, the taxpayer sends the IRS a request for certification of its project documenting its progress implementing the project.
  • If the IRS approves it sends the taxpayer a certification letter.
  • Within 3 years of the date of the certification letter, the taxpayer completes its project and notifies the IRS.

General 48C Resources

Section 48C of the Internal Revenue Code 

Phase II Program (2013) Resources

Notice 2013-12 -- how the Phase II program in 2013 works

Frequently Asked Questions – updated every Monday

Webinar on how to apply – an informational webinar on the 48C Phase II Program hosted by the Department of Energy on February 19, 2013.  Scroll down to the 48C section and select the “48C_Webinar” link. 

Phase II Application Portal -- all 2013 applications must be submitted through this site. Select FOA number 48C-0002013 then read the instructions on the next screen.  Click on the “EERE_eXCHANGE_48C_Applicant_User_Guide” link to view or download the user guide.  Click on the “Apply” button to register and begin the application process.”

Fillable template of the agreement required in the Phase II program in 2013

Phase I Program (2009) Resources

Notice 2009-72 – how the Phase I program in 2009 works

Fillable template of the agreement required in the Phase I program in 2009

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Please send questions about the program to the IRS by fax at 713-209-3964 or by telephone at 713-209-3669.  Please include both your telephone number and fax number in your message.  Tell us whether you prefer a response by fax or telephone.  We will ensure that we respond to every question we receive by March 26, 2013, in time for you to meet the first deadline on April 9, 2013.  For questions we receive after March 26, 2013, we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible, but we cannot ensure that we will answer them in time for you to meet the April 9 deadline.

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