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A-Z Index for Business - C

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CAF Number


Canceling an EIN - Closing Your Account

Cancellation of Debt

Capital Expenses

Capital Gains


Central Withholding Agreements

Centralized Authorization File (CAF) - Authorization Rules

Change Business Name

Characterization of Income of Nonresident Aliens

Charitable Contributions

Check on Refund

Checklist for Starting a Business

Child Care Tax Center

Circular E

Claiming Tax Treaty Benefits

Classification of Taxpayers for U.S. Tax Purposes


Closer Connection to a Foreign Country

Closing a Business

Collection Financial Standards

Collection Procedures for Taxpayers Filing and/or Paying Late


Combined Annual Wage Reporting Employment Tax Problem Inquiries

Combined Annual Wage Reporting Missing Form W-2 Inquiries

Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands

Competent Authority Agreements

Competent Authority Assistance

Compromise, Offer In


Conservation Reserve Program

Construction Tax Center

Contact the IRS

Copy of Tax Return

Correcting Employment Taxes


Cost Basis

Cost of Goods Sold

Credit Card Payments

Currency and Currency Exchange Rates

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