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Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Credits for the State of Ohio

The listings below represent the applicants that are eligible for a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program Credit.

The project descriptions below were extracted from the applicant certification forms as submitted. The list provides only the applicant name and amount of the credit for each project for which the disclosure of additional information was not authorized.

Ohio $ 990,671.74
Applicant Name Project Name Eligible Credit Amount 2009 Eligible Credit Amount 2010
ENABLE UROLOGY LLC Minimally Invasive BPH Catheter   $ 50,125.00
Interthyr Corp Inhibition of enviromental pathogen-induced Toll-like receptor (TLR) signaling $ 244,479.25  
Molecular Research Center, Inc.    $ 244,479.24  
Oakwood Laboratories   $ 244,479.25  
ZIN Technologies Inc    $ 207,109.00  

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