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Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants for the State of Louisiana

The listings below represent the applicants that have been awarded a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program Grant.

The project descriptions below were extracted from the applicant certification forms as submitted.

Louisiana $ 1,955,833.96
Applicant Name Project Name Grants Awarded for 2009 Grants Awarded for 2010
Autoimmune Technologies, LLC Flufirvitide-3:  A Broad-Spectrum Entry-inhibiting Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Drug $ 216,310.35 $ 28,168.90
DEKK-Tec, Inc. The Clinical Development of 4-Demethylcholesterloxycarbonylpenclomedine.The Clinical Development of 4-Demethylcholesteryloxycarbonylpenclomedine (DM-CHOC-PEN) for the Treatment of Cancers Involving the Central Nervous System $ 126,990.50 $ 117,488.74
Embera Neuro Therapeutics, Inc. EMB-001:  A novel pharmaceutical product for the treatment of addictive disorders $ 244,479.24  
Esperance Pharmaceuticals, Inc The Development of a Cationic Lytic Peptide (CLYPTM) Technology Platform $ 244,479.24  
Meta Logos Inc Trace-level biosensing for early detection, and treatment, of cancer and other diseases. $ 137,500.00 $ 106,979.24
NuPotential,Inc. A new Approach to Regenerative Medicine Development $ 244,479.25  
TCA Cellular Therapy LLC TCA Cellular Therapies for treatment of cardiovascular and neurological disease. $ 168,075.93 $ 76,403.32
TRANSGENRX, INC. Engineered glycosylated interferons for the treatment of viral diseases, Melanoma and MS $ 244,479.25  

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