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Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants for the State of New Mexico

The listings below represent the applicants that have been awarded a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program Grant.

The project descriptions below were extracted from the applicant certification forms as submitted.

New Mexico $ 4,423,671.65
Applicant Name Project Name Grants Awarded for 2009 Grants Awarded for 2010
Accent Alternatives, Inc. Prostate Cancer Prevention Using Tocopherylquinone (TQ) $ 750.00 $ 116,500.00
ATOF, Inc Development of BiosparQ Instrument for rapid microbial characterization of clinical samples.   $ 244,479.25
Azano Pharmaceuticals Inc C-Reactive Protein Therapy for Lupus Nephritis in Systemic Lups Eryrhematosus $ 53,920.50 $ 33,952.50
Biomoda, Inc. Diagnostic Assay for Detection of Early-Stage Lung Cancer $ 244,479.25  
Caldera Pharmaceuticals Inc. Diagnostics for Trauma Injuries $ 205,791.33 $ 38,687.91
Exagen Diagnostics Inc Exagen Gastrointestinal Discoveries $ 244,479.25  
Exagen Diagnostics, Inc. Exagen Autism Spectrum Disorder Discoveries $ 19,164.00 $ 139,724.50
InLight Solutions, Inc Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring for Gestational Diabetes $ 151,661.50 $ 92,817.75
Intellicyt Corporation Biomarker Discovery Platform to Accelerate Development of Cancer Therapies $ 244,479.25  
Manhattan Isotope Technology Recycling of the Cardiac Imaging Agent, Strontium-82, from Spent Generators   $ 244,479.25
Mesa Tech International, Inc. Point of care molecular diagnostic device for respiratory diseases $ 244,479.25  
nanoMR, Inc. Miniature NMR Pathogen Detection System $ 244,479.25  
Samitaur Medical Technologies, LLC Neurological Stimulation for Samitaur Medical Technologies   $ 90,000.00
Senior Scientific LLC A Biomagnetic Method for Detecting and treating breast cancer $ 152,704.00 $ 63,661.00
Senior Scientific LLC A Biomagnetic Method for Determining Transplant Rejection and Monitoring Therapy $ 79,805.50 $ 44,762.00
Senior Scientific LLC Magnetic Biopsy Needle for Minimum Residual Disease Detection in Luekemia $ 130,914.00 $ 105,725.00
Senior Scientific LLC Biomagnetic In-vivo Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy of Ovarian Cancer $ 54,528.00 $ 70,799.50
SK Infrared LLC Early Detection of skin cancer using non-invasive infrared imaging.   $ 35,283.64
TECMED, INC. SURGICAL SUITE UNIT: Automated Blood Analyte Monitoring System $ 5,502.50 $ 7,891.00
TruTouch Technologies, Inc. Noninvasive alcohol diagnostic device for emergency care facilities $ 169,386.21 $ 75,093.04
VeraLight Inc SCOUT $ 244,479.24  
Visionquest Biomedical LLC Automatic eye disease diagnosis system $ 244,479.25  
Visionquest Biomedical LLC Stroke risk stratification through plaque motion analysis of longitudinal carotid   $ 39,853.78
Vista Therapeutics, Inc NanoBiosensor for Continuous Biomarker Monitoring $ 244,479.25  

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