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Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants for the State of Oklahoma

The listings below represent the applicants that have been awarded a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program Grant.

The project descriptions below were extracted from the applicant certification forms as submitted.

Oklahoma $ 2,985,538.68
Applicant Name Project Name Grants Awarded for 2009 Grants Awarded for 2010
Altheus Therapeutics, Inc ALTH12: Novel combination treatment for inflammatory bowel disease $ 244,479.24  
Charlesson, LLC Nanotechnology-based Formulations for Efficient and Long-Term Ophthalmic Drug Delivery $ 244,479.24  
Charlesson, LLC Development of a novel Stat3 inhibitor for the treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy and AMD $ 75,048.69 $ 169,430.55
Charlesson, LLC Preclinical development of CLT-003 for the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema $ 216,861.53 $ 27,617.71
DormaTarg, Inc. Development of Small Molecule Therapeutics to Target Micrometastatic Cancer Cells $ 84,821.78 $ 88,222.34
Immuno-Mycologics Inc (IMMY) High Impact Point-of-Care Cyptococcosis diagnostic test $ 77,995.52 $ 85,538.45
Midwest Medical Isotopes LLC Identifying early Recurrence of Braintumor using 18-Fluorothymidine $ 244,479.25  
Midwest Medical Isotopes LLC Staging and Monitoring Therapy in Patients with Prostate Cancer with 18 Fluorothymidine $ 244,479.25  
NanoBioMagnetics Inc MNP technology for the delivery of chemotherapeutics $ 33,960.15 $ 140,000.00
NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc. Magnetic Targeting of Therapeutics for Atrial Fibrillation   $ 244,479.24
OMEDtech LLC Diagnostic Test of Low Protein Levels For Early Detection and Prevention of Preterm Birth   $ 30,208.00
Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corporation A Humanized Anti-P-selectin Antibody to Treat Sickle Cell Disease $ 244,479.24  
Siwa Biotech Corporation Development of TPST Inhibitors as Non_Hormonal Male Contraceptives $ 122,089.50 $ 122,389.75

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