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Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants for the State of Oregon

The listings below represent the applicants that have been awarded a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program Grant.

The project descriptions below were extracted from the applicant certification forms as submitted.

Oregon $ 5,447,316.68
Applicant Name Project Name Grants Awarded for 2009 Grants Awarded for 2010
13therapeutics, Inc Commercialization of Novel Therapeutic (P13) for Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases $ 244,479.24  
Artielle Immuno Therapeutics, Inc. Development of a T Cell Specific Drug Against Multiple Sclerosis $ 244,479.24  
Bioject Medical Technologies, Inc. Dose Sparing Needle-free Injection Delivery Systems $ 244,479.25  
Blacktoe Medical III, Inc Miniaturized Finger-Wearable Ultarsound Transducer $ 244,479.24  
Calypte Biomedical Corp & Sub Aware 2, A Rapid Test for Antibodies Against HIV-1/2 in Oral Fluid $ 73,331.49 $ 171,147.76
Cascade Prodrug Inc Anti-cancer therapeutics targeting tumor hypoxia   $ 244,479.25
Chemica Technologies, Inc. Agent to Enhance Tumor Radiometal Uptake $ 45,708.50 $ 16,852.00
DesignMedix, Inc Dual-action drugs to overcome drug resistance in parasitic and bacterial disease $ 152,186.50 $ 92,292.74
Electrical Geodesics, Inc. Dense Array Electroencephalography (EEG) for Neurosurgical Planning in Epilepsy $ 244,479.25  
Epley Medical Inc.  Dba Vesticon Device of New Diagnosis and treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo $ 149,875.00 $ 94,604.25
HOME DIALYSIS PLUS, LTD. Development of Novel Portable Nocturnal Hemodialysis System $ 51,809.00 $ 192,670.25
Inovise Medical, Incorporated Cardiopulmonary Holder $ 244,479.24  
Mitosciences Inc MET3D $ 244,479.25  
Molecular MD Corp Molecular Diagnostics c-KIT Cancer Gene Mutation Assay for Metastatic Melanoma patients $ 103,615.00 $ 140,864.25
MolecularMD Corp Molecular Diagnostics standardized BCR-ABL cancer gene quantization $ 244,479.25  
MolecularMD Corp Molecular Diagnostics EGFR T790M Cancer Gene Mut Assy for relapsing NSCLC patients $ 103,615.00 $ 140,864.25
MolecularMD Corp. Molecular Diagnostics b-RAF V600E Cancer gene Mutation Assay for metatastic melanoma $ 103,615.00 $ 140,864.25
Najit Technologies, Inc. Development and optimization of dual-detection diagnostics $ 244,479.24  
Najit Technologies, Inc. Development of a novel hydrogen peroxide-based vaccine platform $ 183,931.19 $ 60,548.05
Pulse Health LLC Breath Aldehyde Measurement System for the Quantitative Determination of Oxidative Stress $ 244,479.25  
River Point LLC, DBA Riverpoint Medical Cancer Detection and Radiation Delivery Devices $ 201,866.98 $ 42,612.27
Sedia Biosciences Corporation Rapid Oral Fluid HIV Test $ 10,279.00 $ 38,421.00
Sedia Biosciences Corporation Novel Collection Devices $ 4,125.00 $ 8,825.00
Tree Star Inc FlowDx: Clinical CytometryAnalysis Software with Automated Gating $ 70,507.00 $ 81,535.00
UbiVac LLC New Cancer Vaccine Technology Based on Dribbles Produced by Tumor Cells $ 15,196.39 $ 229,282.86
Yainax Medical, LLC Microfluidics Transtymapanic Delivery System for Controlled Delivery of Drugs to Inner Ear   $ 37,000.00

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