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EO Update Archive - 2010


Issue Highlights Date
  1. Rev. Proc. 2010-8: New User Fees for Exempt Organization Matters
  2. Rev. Proc. 2010-4: Updated Procedures for Issuance of Ruling and Information Letters
  3. Rev. Proc. 2010-5: Updated Procedures for Issuance of Technical Advice
  4. IRS Proposes New Requirements for Tax Return Preparers
  5. Statistical Information of Interest to Tax-Exempt Organization
  1. Providing Earthquake Relief to Haiti
  2. Form 990 Resources and Tools
  3. Understanding IRS Notices and Letters
  4. Form 8872 Filing Dates for 2010
  5. Revenue Procedure 2010-9: Determinations and Rulings
  1. Reminder: File Form 990 Series Returns Timely to Preserve Tax-Exempt Status
  2. IRS Announces Qualified Disaster Treatment for Haiti
  3. Register Now! New Small and Mid-sized Workshop Locations Added for Spring
  1. Haiti Relief Donations Qualify for Immediate Tax Relief
  2. IRS Issues Electronic Filing Waiver Request Procedures
  3. Save the Date! 2010 Tax Forums Announced
  1. 2009 Forms 990 and 990-EZ Now Available
  1. Providing Relief to Chile Through a Charitable Organization
  2. IRS to Honor Medical Resident FICA Refund Claims
  3. Treasury Department FBAR Materials Issued
  4. Redesigned, Enhanced StayExempt Micro-Site
  5. Conference on Nonprofit Governance
  6. New Small and Mid-Sized 501(c)(3) Workshop Locations Added
  7. IRS Releases Winter 2010 Statistics of Income Bulletin
  1. Chile Earthquake Designated a Qualified Disaster
  2. IRS Announces Relief For Certain Charitable Trusts
  3. IRS Issues 2009 Data Book
  4. Beware of 2010 Dirty Dozen
  1. New for 2010: Tax Credit Helps Small Tax-Exempt Organizations Provide Health Coverage
  2. Six Important Facts About Tax-Exempt Organizations
  3. IRS Issues Guidance on Identifying Numbers for Return Preparers
  4. 2010 National Tax Forums
  5. Revised Publication on Taxation of Unrelated Business Income Released
  6. Ten Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions
  1. New Tax Credit for Employers Who Offer Health Insurance
  2. Assisting Homeowners at Risk of Foreclosure
  3. Special Payroll Tax Exemption Form Now Available
  4. Reminder for Political Organizations: Protect Personal Identifying Information
  5. Register Now for Washington Workshops for Small and Mid-Sized 501(c)(3) Organizations
  6. Free Phone Forum on 403(b) Plans
  1. Don't Throw Away Your Tax-Exempt Status 2010
  2. Tax-Free Employer Provided Health Insurance for Children Up to Age 27
  3. COBRA Subsidy Extended to May 31
  4. New Form 3115 Now Available
  5. Workshops for Small and Mid-Sized 501(c)(3) Organizations
  6. 2010 National Tax Forums
  1. Many Tax-Exempt Organizations Must File 990 Series Returns by May 17 to Preserve Tax-Exempt Status
  2. IRS Releases Interim Report on Colleges and Universities
  3. Cyber-Assistant Release to be Delayed
  4. Commissioner Shulman Addresses the Council on Foundations
  5. Tax Relief for Declared Disaster Areas
  6. Register Now for Workshops for Small and Mid-Sized 501(c)(3) Organizations
  1. Commissioner Shulman Issues Statement on the Filing Deadline for Small Charities
  2. Tax Credit for Employee Health Insurance Expenses of Small Employers
  3. Form to Claim Payroll Tax Exemption for New Hires Now Available
  4. IRS Names New Members to ACT
  5. Political Organization Filling and Disclosure Application Unavailable May 22-23
  6. Public Comments Invited on 2010-2011 Priority Guidance List
  7. Spring Statistics of Income Bulletin Released
  1. Comments Requested on New Requirements Imposed on Tax-Exempt Hospitals Under the Affordable Care Act
  2. TEGE Advisory Committee to Make Recommendations at June Meeting
  3. Register Now for National Tax Forums
  1. IRS Issues Regulations on Tax on Tanning Services Effective July 1
  2. Affordable Care Act Implementation
  3. TE/GE Advisory Committee Issues Report of Recommendations
  4. Apply for LITC Matching Grants Now
  1. Affordable Care Act Provides Expanded Benefits to Health Professionals in Underserved Areas
  2. Applications for Therapeutic Discovery Project Tax Credit
  3. FAQs on Excise Tax on Indoor Tanning Services
  5. Revised Publication on Tax Sheltered Annuities Issued
  1. IRS Issues Prohibited Tax Shelter Final Regulations
  2. 2. IRS Live: Free Webinar on Affordable Care Act
  3. Help Wanted: TE/GE Seeks Candidates for Senior Tax Law Specialist Positions
  4. IRS Invites Public Comment on New Reporting of Payments Made in a Trade or Business
  5. Nine Tax Tips on the Ten Percent Tax on Tanning Services
  1. Reminder: Comments on New Requrements for Tax-Exempt Hospitals Due July 22.
  2. Affordable Care Act Implementation
  3. Disaster Relief Resources for Charities and Contributors
  4. July 21 Phone Forum: Office of Professional Responsibility and Circular 230: Overview, Procedures and Priorities
  1. IRS Announces One-Time Filing Relief for Small Organizations that Failed to File for Three Consecutive Years
  2. Proposed Regulations Related to Fees for Preparer Tax Identification Numbers Issued
  3. IRS to Co-Sponsor Fall Workshops for Small and Mid-Sized 501(c)(3) Organizations with Academic Institutions
  4. Affordable Care Act Webinar Rescheduled
  1. IRS Commissioner Encourages Small Organizations At Risk of Losing Exemption to Take Action
  2. Register Now for Fall Workshops for Small and Midsize 501(c)(3) Organizations
  3. Have You Met Coach?
  4. New Website Allows Public to Comment on Paperwork Burdens Online
  5. Nationwide Tax Forums
  6. Employer-Provided Health Coverage — Not Taxable
  1. Do You Know a Small Organization at Risk of Losing Its Exempt Status?
  2. New FAQs for "At-Risk" Organizations
  3. Revised Publication on Tax-Exempt Organizations and Gaming Now Available
  4. IRS Announces New Return Preparer Application and User Fees
  5. StayExempt Mini-Courses
  6. What You Need to Know About IRS Tax-Exempt Organization Workshops
  7. Ten Tips for Taxpayers Making Charitable Contributions
  8. Employer v. Independent Contractor
  1. IRS Releases Form to Help Small Employers Calculate the New Health Care Tax Credit, Announces How Eligible Tax-Exempts Will Claim Refundable Credit
  2. 2010 International Charity Regulators Conference 
  4. IRS Issues Guidance Explaining 2011 Changes to Flexible Spending Arrangements
  1. 3-Year Nonfiler Relief Outreach Toolkit
  2. Western Conference on Tax-Exempt Organizations
  3. IRS Requests Comments on Requirements Prohibiting Discrimination in Favor of Highly Compensated Individuals in Insured Group Health Plans
  4. IRS Webinar on Indoor Tanning Excise Tax
  5. September 25: IRS Open House for Veterans, Persons with Disabilities
  6. Register Now for Fall Workshops for Small and Mid-Size 501(c)(3) Organizations
  7. Subscribe to Outreach Corner
  1. Share Our Widget: When Local Charities Lose, Everybody Loses
  1. Reminder: Tax-Exempt Organizations Can Preserve Exempt Status by Filing Returns by October 15 Due Date
  2. New Online Registration System for Paid Return Preparers Now Available
  3. Free Demonstration of PTIN Registration System
  4. Certain IRS Systems Unavailable During Columbus Day Weekend
  5. Register Now for Workshops for Small and Mid-Size 501(c)(3) Organizations
  6. Advance Draft of 2010 Core Form 990
  1. Filing Relief in Disaster Areas
  2. IRS Seeks Applicants for TE/GE Advisory Committee
  3. Small Business Health Care Tax Credit FAQs
  4. Revised Publication 557 Now Available
  5. Register Now for Phoenix Workshops for Small and Mid-Size 501(c)(3) Organizations (December 7 - 9)
  6. Medical Resident FICA Refund Program
  7. Form W-2: Reporting of Health Care Coverage Optional for 2011
  8. IRS Reminds Tax Preparers to Renew PTIN

Special EO Tax Law Training Edition

  1. Starting Off Right: A Webinar for New 501(c)(3) Organizations
  2. Workshops for Small and Mid-Size 501(c)(3) Organizations
  3. Western Conference on Tax-Exempt Organizations
  4. National Phone Forum: Recordkeeping
  1. Share Our Widget: Help Small Tax Exempt Organizations Learn about the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
  2. IRS Issues Forms and Guidance on Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
  3. New 990 Filing Thresholds for 2010 Tax Year
  4. Political Organization Filing Due Dates
  5. Workshops for Small and Mid-Size 501(c)(3) Organizations
  6. IRS Issues Reminders to Tax Preparers
  1. Exempt Organizations Releases FY 2011 Implementing Guidelines
  2. Leadership Changes in Exempt Organizations
  3. Priority Guidance Plan for 2010-11 Announced
  4. Follow the IRS on Twitter
  5. Tax Preparers: Register for PTINs Now
  6. Proposed Regulations Would Reduce Enrolled Agent Fees
  7. Electronic Funds Transfer of Depository Taxes


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