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Filing Season Delay for Certain Hospital Organizations: Additonal Extension Allowed for Cause

The IRS granted my hospital organization a three-month extension because my return due date was May 15, 2011.  What if my hospital organization still needs more time to file?

The organization, with cause, may request an additional (not automatic) three-month extension of time to file by properly completing, signing, and filing Form 8868, Part II, by the extended due date of the return.  An organization will only be allowed a total extension of six months for a return for a tax year.  For example, since your hospital organization Form 990 is due May 15, 2011, the IRS has already granted a three-month extension of time to file to August 15, 2011.  The organization may request an additional (not automatic) three months of time to file until November 15, 2011.  Extensions of time to file are limited to six months. No additional time to file beyond six months may be granted.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 27-Aug-2015