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Colleges and university compliance project questionnaire: completion by campus or system?

One or more campuses in our university system received the questionnaire.  May we respond to the questionnaire using the information for the entire system?

We asked for campus reporting, but you may respond on a system-wide basis if the following two conditions are met:

  • System-wide reporting is consistent with your reporting on Forms 990 (if required) and 990-T (i.e., system-wide reporting is used for both Form 990 (if required) and Form 990-T).
  • You must use the same method (campus or system) for all parts of the questionnaire.

Please provide a statement with your response that indicates whether you provided responses to the questionnaire by campus or on a system-wide basis. 

If more than one campus in your system received a questionnaire and you are responding on a system-wide basis, only one questionnaire should be completed for the system.  The other campuses should return the questionnaire after completing the Part I organization information on page 1, including question 1, by checking box “h” for “other” and identifying the system to which they belong in the space provided.


Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 22-Jul-2015