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EO Update Archive 2012 (20 issues)

Issue Highlights Date
  1. Updated Procedures for Issuance of Rulings and Determinations
  2. 2012 User Fees for Exempt Organizations Matters
  3. More Guidance on Reporting Employer Health Care Coverage on Forms W-2
  4. Renew Your Preparer Identification Number
  5. Workshops for Small and Medium-Sized Exempt Organizations
  6. SSA/IRS Reporter Features Informative EO Articles
  7. Revised Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative
  8. Fact Sheet 2012-5, Choosing a Tax Preparer
  1. IRS Launches New Online Search Tool
  2. IRS to Co-sponsor Conference on Nonprofit Governance
  3. Academic Institution Initiative
  4. Top 10 Helpful Features on the IRS Website
  1. EO Releases FY 2011 Annual Report and FY 2012 Work Plan
  2. Guidance on Requirements for Tax-Exempt 501(c)(29) Qualified Non-Profit Health Insurers
  3. EO’s 2012 Graduate Student Summer Internship Applications Due March 2
  4. EO Seeks Academic Hosts for Workshops for Small and Medium-Sized 501(c)(3) Organizations
  1. Work Opportunity Tax Credit Now Available to Qualified Tax-Exempt Organizations that Hire Qualified Veterans
  2. IRS Worker Classification Webinar Feb. 15th
  3. StayExempt Redesign Improves User Experience
  1. Tax Year 2011 990 Series Returns Now Available
  2. Register for Upcoming Workshops for Small and Medium-sized 501(c)(3)s
  3. Payroll Tax Cut Extended: Revised Payroll Tax Form Now Available
  4. EO's 2012 Summer Internship Application Deadline Extended
  5. Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2012
  6. Disaster Relief Resources for Charities and Contributors
  1. Reliance for Contributors and Grantors
  2. Removing an Organization from the Auto-Revocation List
  3. Select Check Data Alerts
  4. IRS Encourages Employers to Check Out the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
  5. IRS and Treasury Invite Recommendations for 2012-13 Guidance Priority List
  6. Winter 2012 Statistics of Income Bulletin Features Exempt Organizations Topics
  7. Check Out the IRS YouTube Channel
  8. IRS to Co-Sponsor Conference on Nonprofit Governance

  1. Reporting Partnership Interests using Form 1065/Schedule K-1 Optional for Tax Year 2011
  2. IRS Releases FY 2011 Data Book
  3. IRS Revises Publication 1771
  4. IRS Issues Final Regulations on Public Inspection of EO Material
  5. Register for Upcoming Workshops for Small and Medium-sized 501(c)(3)s
  6. YouTube: Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  7. Deducting Charitable Contributions: Eight Essentials
  1. Reminder: Don't Include Social Security Numbers on Publicly Disclosed Forms
  2. Verifying Exempt Status for Reinstated Organizations
  3. Proposed Rules on Program-Related Investments
  4. EO Director Speaks at Georgetown Law CLE
  5. Guidance on Form 990 and 990-EZ Reporting of Joint Ventures and Other Partnerships
  6. Tax Forums Offer Good Information for Exempt Organizations
  7. Register for Upcoming Workshops for Small and Medium-sized 501(c)(3)s in Nebraska
  8. Free Webinars on Identity Theft/Online Fraud and Ethics
  1. EO redesigns homepage on
  2. Holly Paz named Director, EO R&A
  3. May 30 EO webinar: Starting and Operating Charities for Disaster Relief
  4. IRS seeks applications for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program grants
  5. Information for employers on health care benefits reporting
  6. News for enrolled agents awaiting renewal cards
  7. Telephone Excise Tax refund deadline July 27
  8. TEB to host two free telephone forums



The disaster relief webinar covers:

  • the kinds of help organizations can provide
  • operational and recordkeeping requirements including fundraising and working with volunteers
  • rules for recipients of disaster relief
  • the deductibility of charitable contributions made to organizations


  1. New ACT members named; annual report issued
  2. News for credit unions on auto-revocation
  3. Churches and Religious Organizations webinar planned July 25
  4. Register to attend an IRS Nationwide Tax Forum this summer
  5. Register for an upcoming IRS workshop for charities
  1. IRS issues proposed regulations on new requirements for 501(c)(3) hospitals
  2. Reminder: FBAR filing deadline
  3. Don't miss upcoming phone forum on exempt organizations and gaming
  4. Sale of bond-financed property may jeopardize tax-exempt status of bonds
  5. Register for the July 25 EO webinar: "Churches and Religious Organizations"
  6. Reminder: Hire a veteran in 2012 and receive significant tax benefits
  1. View webinar on authorizations of disclosure of tax information to third parties Aug. 29
  2. Sign up for the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in Chicago
  3. Notice 2012-52: Charitable contributions to domestic disregarded entities
  4. PTIN system improved
  5. RPO and OPR delegation orders available
  6. Register for upcoming SMS workshops
  7. New pub for conduit issuers of tax-exempt bonds
  8. IRS can help when starting a small business

Register for upcoming workshops for small and medium-sized charities

  1. How to find information on the new
  2. Disaster relief through charitable organizations
  3. Free Tax Exempt Bonds webinar - Sept. 18
  4. Register for upcoming workshops for small and medium-sized charities in Pennsylvania and Washington
  1. Register now for September 20 webinar: Starting and Operating Charities for Disaster Relief 
  2. Fast Track Settlement for TE/GE taxpayers 
  3. Register for upcoming workshops for small and medium-sized charities in IL, NC, ID, OR, and NM
Special Edition

IRS Seeks Applicants for Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities

  1. Shulman to Finish His Term as IRS Commissioner on Nov. 9
  2. EO launches Group Rulings Questionnaire
  3. Heads Up! Keeping Current on Exempt Organizations
  4. Register for Upcoming Workshops for Small and Medium-Sized Charities in Virginia
  5. SOI Tax Stats: Domestic Private Foundations and Charitable Trust Statistics
  6. IRS Seeks Applicants for Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities
  7. Renew your PTIN
  8. Authorizations: When to use the CheckBox, Form 8821 or Form 2R48
  1. IRS announces disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy
  2. Annual Western Conference on Tax- Exempt Organizations this month
  3. Hearing set on additional requirements for charitable hospitals
  4. IRS issues guidance on inflation adjustments for 2013
  5. Register for upcoming workshops for small and medium-sized charities in Virginia and Arkansas
  6. IRS announces 2013 pension plan limitations; Taxpayers may contribute up to $17,500 to their 401(k) plans in 2013
  7. IRS Exempt Organizations releases survey to small tax-exempt organizations
  8. PTIN renewal period underway for all tax professionals; Registered tax return preparer candidates urged to schedule tests
  1. IRS gives extra time to small, automatically-revoked organizations hit by Hurricane Sandy
  2. Retirement plans can make loans, hardship distributions to Sandy victims
  3. IRS warns consumers of possible scams relating to Hurricane Sandy relief
  4. Employers hiring veterans by year’s end may get expanded tax credit
  5. Priority Guidance Plan released
  6. Register for upcoming workshops for small and medium-sized charities in Virginia and Arkansas

  7. EO Update editorial content is not copyrighted; all articles may be reused in your organization publications
  1. IRS and Treasury issue final regulations on the fee on certain issuers and plan sponsors
  2. Proposed regulations issued on Net Investment Income Tax
  3. Proposed regulations issued on Additional Medicare Tax
  4. Tax preparers must renew their PTINs and those required to take the RTRP test should schedule it as soon as possible
  5. IRS offers tips for year-end giving
  6. Online tool to search charities and other nonprofits
  7. Regulations for Type III supporting organizations
  8. Happy New Year!
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