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Frequently Asked Questions: Form 1023

These are frequently asked questions about Form 1023; the current version of the form was issued in June 2006.

A - Background Information About Form 1023

B - General Information About Form 1023/Questions About Part I, Form 1023

  1. Can you modify the fillable portion of the Form 1023 electronic file so we can add the phrase "see attachment"?

C - Organizational Structure and Organizing Documents

D - Narrative of Activities

  1. What activities should be described in Part IV of Form 1023?

E - Compensation and Other Financial Arrangements with Officers, Directors, Trustees, Employees, and Independent Contractors

  1. Why does Form 1023 request detailed information about compensation and other financial arrangements with officers, directors, trustees, employees, and independent contractors?
  2. What information must be submitted about compensation of key individuals?

F - Members and Individuals/Organizations that Receive Benefits

  1. Why does Form 1023 request detailed information about an organization's members and other individuals and organizations that receive benefits from it?
  2. What information must be submitted about benefits to members and other individuals/organizations that receive benefits from an organization?

G - Organization's History

H - Specific Activities

I - Financial Data

J - Public Charity Status

  1. What information is requested in Part X of Form 1023?

K - Signature Block and User Fee Information

  1. How much is the user fee for an exemption application?

L - Processing Applications

M - Additional Information

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