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Grant Award Notification

Take these actions within 20 days of grant notification to finalize acceptance.

  1. Sign Grant Agreement, Form 13981 - This form provides the award amount along with the terms and conditions of the grant. Review the minimum federal return goal. Any change to this goal must be approved by the Chief, Grant Program Office prior to grant acceptance.
  2. Sign Sponsor Agreement, Form 13533 - This form provides assurance that your organization agrees with the key principles included in our Publication 4299, Confidentiality, Privacy and Standards of Conduct - A Public Trust.
  3. Revise Application Components - Changes to your program plan or the workbook components (site and budget) may be needed if the award amount is less than requested or concerns were identified during application review. Only a summary of changes is needed for the program plan. For workbook components, make the changes on the original submission.
  4. Complete Direct Deposit Sign-up Form, Standard Form 1199A - Complete this form to have access to your funds electronically.
  5. Authorize Payment Management System Access - Complete individual forms for persons in your organization that you want to request funds, file and approve reports, or view account information.
  6. Identify Primary Contacts - Tell us who we can talk to about your grant.

Return Completed Information - Send the completed information (items 1 thru 6) to your assigned grant officer electronically unless otherwise directed.

For more information see Grant Award Notification document.


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