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Individual Filer Notices

One of the ways we classify our notices is by the type of tax form they're about. We call notices we send about Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, or any related schedules, forms, or other attachments individual filer notices. Notices we send about business-related tax forms such as Forms 941, 1065, and 1120, are called business filer notices and are listed elsewhere. If the individual filer notice you have isn't listed below, check back often. We'll be adding more on a regular basis.

The Notices in Numerical Order

Here's a list of notices with detailed information available.

CP 57 - Notice of Insufficient Funds
Informs the recipient that we are charging a penalty for insufficient funds.
CP 79 - Earned Income Credit Eligibility Requirement
Informs the recipient that they may need to complete an additional form to claim the credit if their Earned Income Credit (EIC) was disallowed or reduced by the IRS for any year after 1996.
CP 79A - Earned Income Credit Two Year Ban
Informs the recipient that they are banned from claiming the Earned Income Credit (EIC) for two years, and must complete an additional form to claim the EIC in the first year after the ban has been lifted.
CP 90 - Final Notice, Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing FPLP
We are notifying you of our intent to levy certain assets for unpaid taxes. You have the right to a Collection Due Process hearing.
CP 91 - Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits
We are notifying you of our intent to levy up to 15% of your social security benefits for unpaid taxes.
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