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Application Identification Sheet for Determination Letter Case Files

What is it?

The Application Identification Sheet is a one-page, bar-coded document created for each determination letter application the Employee Plans Determinations Unit receives. Each unique AIS contains the:

  • IRS number for your determination letter application case file
  • plan sponsor’s EIN
  • document locator number (DLN)
  • application form number
  • plan name
  • plan number

Why is the AIS important?

The AIS ensures that determination letter application case files are accurately associated with incoming information, such as user fee payments, plan documents, plan amendments, forms, and correspondence.

How do I get an AIS?

During the review of your determination letter application, an Employee Plans specialist may send you a letter requesting additional information. The specialist will send you an AIS with the request letter. If you don’t receive the AIS with the request, contact the specialist assigned to your application to request a copy of this document. When responding to an specialist's request, please fax or mail your response, but do not do both.

If you haven’t been contacted by a specialist and you would like the AIS for your application, send a request to:

Mail For express and overnight delivery
Internal Revenue Service    
EP Determinations Customer Service, Group 7535
P.O. Box 2508, Rm 5-120
Cincinnati, OH 45201
Internal Revenue Service
201 West Rivercenter Blvd.
Attn: TEGE Team 31406 Stop 31
Covington, KY  41011

Please include the plan sponsor’s name, EIN and the DLN (listed on the Acknowledgement Letter).

Completing the AIS box for mailed in user fees

When you submit a user fee payment for your determination letter application case file, please enter the amount of your payment on the check in the AIS box in the top right corner. Send your payment and the completed AIS to:

Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 12192
Covington, KY  41012-0192

When not to use the AIS

Do not send the AIS when you:

  • request a copy or corrected EP determination letter. Once we issue a determination letter, we close the related application case file. Therefore, if you attach the AIS to your request, our system won’t take action because the AIS is for a closed case file.
  • resubmit your previously filed determination letter application. For example, if we sent your determination letter application back to you as an incomplete application and you resubmit the same application with the requested information, don’t include the AIS with your resubmitted application.
  • submit a new determination letter application. Your new determination letter application will receive its own AIS when we establish a case file for the application.

If you are unsure whether to include your AIS with your submission, call us at 877-829-5500.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 20-Jul-2015