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Alternate Permitted Method for Filing Form 8038-CP for Certain Specified Tax Credit Bonds
The Internal Revenue Service will process certain Forms 8038-CP filed using an alternate permitted method that allows issuers to file one Form 8038-CP covering all maturities of qualified school construction bonds or qualified zone academy bonds of an issue for each interest payment date. Notifications of the alternate permitted method are being mailed to identified eligible issuers.

Reissuance of Tax Exempt Obligations: Some Basic Concepts
Tax Exempt Bonds is providing some basic information to assist issuers and conduit borrowers of tax-exempt bonds in understanding the tax impact of a reissuance.

Tax Exempt Bonds Training Materials
Tax Exempt Bonds training materials for technical employees.

Tax Exempt Bonds Forms & Publications
Find forms, form instructions, and publications for Tax Exempt Bonds in one convenient place.

Application of the Treasury Offset Program to Payments to Issuers of Direct Pay Bonds
Information on the application of the Treasury Offset Program (TOPS) as it relates to subsidy payments made to issuers of direct pay bonds.

Form 8038 Series Receipt Acknowledgements
Form 8038 series receipt acknowledgement procedures.

After the Bonds are Issued: Then What?
After the Bonds are Issued: Then What

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