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Tax Exempt Bonds Customer Education and Outreach Services


The Tax Exempt Bonds office of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Operating Division maintains an outreach and educational services program designed to create a partnership between the Internal Revenue Service and the public in order to increase understanding and compliance with the tax law applicable to tax-advantaged bonds. Under this program, Tax Exempt Bonds employees are made available to provide outreach and educational services relating to tax-advantaged bonds. Such services include delivering speeches, participating in panel discussions, conducting training sessions and assisting in the preparation of newsletter articles.

Organizations interested in requesting outreach and educational services regarding tax-advantaged bonds may do so by contacting one of the outreach coordinators listed below by e-mail. Simply find your applicable customer group and let our coordinators know how we can help you. Please feel free to use the form Request for TEB Outreach and Educational Services when submitting your request.

Please submit your request for Tax Exempt Bonds outreach services as early as possible prior to your scheduled event.

If you have questions, or wish to submit your request via email, click on the contact name.

Overall Outreach Coordinator for Tax Exempt Bonds:
Contact: MaryAnne Brignola


Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 11-Aug-2015