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Reporting Agent Transcript Delivery System (TDS) MIS Report Access

There is a single report entitled 'TDS Requests by Reporting Agents' that is accessible by all Reporting Agent Principals, Responsible Officials, and Delegates having Principal Consent.  The report identifies each TDS request by user name, date/time, transaction ID, and taxpayer ID.  Follow the steps below to access this report.


1. The report is accessed from the Reporting Agent e-services main menu by clicking on MIS Reports.

2. After clicking on the MIS Reports link, a screen will appear prompting you to enter a Run Control ID.  If this is the first time you have accessed this report function, click on “Add a New Value.”

Note: If you previously created a Run Control ID, simply click the “Search” button without entering any characters and the system will present the ID you created.  Click on the Run Control ID presented and continue with step 4 below.

3. Enter a Run Control ID for your report such as RA_TDS_ACCESS_REPORT.  You may use this one if you like.  There cannot be any blank spaces within the ID name.  Now click the “Add” button. 

4. You will be prompted to enter a date range for your report.  You should not enter a date range greater than one month and we recommend you create the report on a weekly basis.  The ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates can begin in one month and end in another.  Click on the “Run” button after you have entered your date range.

Note: the “Notify” button is disabled because you are not authorized to access it.

5. After clicking on the “Run” button, the only available report selection will appear.  Do not enter or change any data in the server name or recurrence fields as this will cause the report to fail.  Choose the time zone from which you will be generating reports.  The Run Date and Time are defaulted to the current time in your time zone.  You can choose a report format of PDF (Portable Document Format) or XLS (Microsoft EXCEL).  Then click “OK.” 

6. A process instance will be assigned to the report.  The report will be queued to run and will be delivered to your Secure Mailbox upon completion.  It can take up to 20 minutes to be delivered depending upon the size of the date range you entered and the number of transactions input by your users.  The report may also be delayed due to other jobs that are running at the time.  There is no notification of delivery so you must check for the report periodically.  Click on the “Mailbox” link to access it. 

7. A separate window will open with the contents of your mailbox upon clicking on the “Mailbox” link.  This window shows the requested report prior to opening (Status U = Unread).  Click on the “Read” link to view or download the report.  Click on the “Check for new mail” link if the report was not delivered.  If the report is not delivered within a few hours, you should attempt to run it again.  Contact the e-help desk at 1-866-255-0654 if it is not received after a second request.  Make a note of the process instance from step 6 so the progress of the report can be determined by an assistor.
8. Click on the “View” or “Download” link to access or download your report.  The report will only remain in your mailbox for a few days before it is automatically deleted.  You will not receive any notification of its deletion.

9. Choosing “Download” allows you to open and then save the document or save it and open it later.

HINT:  If you need to find a particular user or taxpayer TIN within a large report, use the search capability of your PDF reader or EXCEL.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 09-Dec-2015