8(a) At-a-Glance Listing


The IRS's 8(a) At-A-Glance Listing contains information on the approximately 500 8(a) firms who are actively marketing the IRS at any given time. The listing contains each 8(a) firm company name, address, phone number, graduation date, and a brief description of the products and/or services offered. The listing was developed to assist procurement and program personnel in selecting 8(a) firms for IRS contract opportunities. The listing is updated periodically to add new 8(a) firms and to delete graduated 8(a) firms.

8(a) at-a-glance

If you are an 8(a) firm interested in doing business with the IRS, please review the listing (a MS Word file) above to ensure that your company information is listed and that the information displayed is correct. If you are listed and need changes made, e-mail your changes to LaTonya Bowman. Please be very specific about what changes need to be made. If your company information does not appear in the listing, please e-mail a detailed capability statement to: LaTonya Bowman.  The information furnished in the capability statement will then be used to add your company information to the listing.