Contractor Security Forms for IRS Investigations


IRS contractor employees, who require a background investigation, after contract award but prior to starting work on an IRS contract, must complete/provide specific forms and documents in order to initiate the required investigation. Potential contractors should contact the Contracting Officer’s Representative, of the awarded contract, to identify the correct documents required.

  • Risk Assessment Checklist (currently no form number) – is an Excel spreadsheet that captures information relating to the subject (name, SSN, address, contact information, etc.), the contract (contract number, named of assigned COR, task order number, etc.), and the contractor’s anticipated duties (risk level, access needs, work location and address, etc.). You must ensure that every column on this form is completed in its entirety prior to submission.


  • Information Provided Concerning the Disclosure and Authorization Pertaining to Consumer Reports pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act  (Form 13340) - is a release form that permits the IRS to check the contractor’s credit history, and is used by determine a contractor employee’s suitability for employment. This form needs to be completed in its entirety and hand signed prior to submission.

  • Tax Check Notice (Form 1379), – is provided to the contractor employees to notify them of IRS’ intent to check their federal tax compliance.  This form is informational and is not required to be returned.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement – All IRS contractors who will have access to Sensitive But Unclassified data (See IRM for examples of SBU) are required to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This form needs to be completed in its entirety and hand signed prior to submission.

  • Declaration for Federal Employment (OF 0306) - is used as a source of data to determine if the contractor employee is both eligible and suitable to work as a federal contract employee. This form needs to be completed in its entirety and hand signed prior to submission.

  • Potential IRS contractor employees will be required to complete fingerprinting and identify proofing, using IRS approved systems or methods, as provided upon receipt of the required investigation package.

  • Potential IRS contractor employees that were born outside of the United States, but are now US citizens, must provide documentation certifying they are US citizens. (typically the Naturalization Certification or birth record).  Contractors that are Permanent Resident Aliens (green card) must also provide documentation certifying they are legal residents.

  • All investigation packages are submitted to Contractor Security Management after the contract is awarded. Work cannot start on the contract until the approval of staff like access is granted from the IRS. Reciprocity is used for existing clearances with other agencies but documentation is required to be submitted to the IRS for processing and there may be additional requirements not listed in this article.  ( )


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the COR of the contract for assistance.


Risk Assessment Spreadsheet
13340 - Fair Credit Reporting Act
1379 - Tax Record Check Notice
OF-306 - Declaration for Federal Employment