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Procurement Contracts

Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) - contract is available for task order issuance for all Treasury Bureaus as well as other Government Agencies (upon approval by the IRS Contracting Officer). The focus of this technical support is for Total Enterprise Modernization in the areas of: 1) Strategic Management, 2) Procurement (Support & Evaluation), 3) Program and Project Management, 4) Technical Management, and 5) Evaluation and Audit (includes IV&V).

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Subscriber Unit - contracts provide standards-based and standards-compliant LMR equipment to enable communications interoperability with similarly configured equipment. The TIA/EIA-102 suite of standards, also know as Project 25, provides the basis for the required LMR technical specifications.

Prime Modernization (TIRNO-99-D-00001) - This is an indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) type contract under which Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials (T&M), Fixed Price, and Performance Based Task Orders may be issued.

Prime Contract Outreach Information - IRS Small Business Program Office from time to time hosts a Prime Contract Network Opportunity Session. The purpose of these events are to assist small businesses in meeting with the IRS Prime and Alliance partners to discuss potential subcontracting opportunities available under the IRS Prime Systems Integration Contract.

Treasury Commercial Vehicles (TCV) - Blanket Purchase Agreements are a series of acquisition vehicles structured to provide commercial-off-the shelf products for the IRS and Treasury bureaus. Six (6) BPA's were established to better serve our customers. TCV is available for use by any employee of the Treasury Department or any of its bureaus. The BPA's are very flexible with items regularly added to meet specific needs.

Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS-4) - Discover more about the wide spectrum of Information Technology services that TIPSS-4 offers. Included you will find guidance, and useful information to help you acquire the right services to support your program goals and objectives.


Questions about the Procurement information on this site, please contact the webmaster. Contact the Office of Procurement for other Procurement related questions.