Strategic Goals


Our strategic goals for FY2022–2026 reflect a long-standing principle of putting the interests of our taxpayers first in everything we do. It is what drives us in our mission to provide high quality services and fairly and impartially enforce the law. Our employees continually strive to understand and meet the needs of taxpayers and protect their rights. These goals are driven by a “One IRS” mindset that is crucial to delivering our mission for all taxpayers. Additionally, our goals and objectives support Treasury's Strategic Plan and Governmentwide priorities. To ensure we are accountable to taxpayers, we instituted a measurement process for each strategic goal and will continue to evolve and improve these measures as applicable. 

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Provide quality and accessible services to enhance the taxpayer experience.

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Foster an inclusive, diverse and well-equipped workforce and strengthen relationships with our external partners.

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Enforce the tax law fairly and efficiently to increase voluntary compliance and narrow the tax gap.

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Transform IRS operations to become more resilient, agile and responsive to improve the taxpayer experience and narrow the tax gap.

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