ACA Form 8963 Download and Login


1. Download Forms

Download and complete your forms before visiting the ACA Form Acceptance (AFA) site for uploading ACA forms and checking submission status.

Download the Insurance Provider Fee Form (Form 8963).

Download the Signature Form 8453-R.

Detailed instructions for completing the form can be found on the form itself.

Ensure your form is current for this tax year. Your form must be the most current version in order for your form to be accepted.

2. AFA Access

You are required to have completed the registration process through e-Services as well as the necessary e-File applications(s).

Register through e-Services if you are not yet registered in order to sign in.

Complete your e-File application(s) to add the Affordable Care Act Insurance Provider option to your e-Services profile.

Once you have received your e-File Acceptance 5120C Letter, access the AFA Home secure page to submit your ACA Form 8963 electronically.