Appeal a rejected Offer in Compromise (OIC) - Online Self-Help Tool (13)


1st - Decide if you should dispute this item.

To determine the amount in dispute you will need (1) your Form 433-A, (2) the AET (Asset/Equity Table) Worksheet sent to you with the rejection letter.

Follow these steps


  1. Identify the amounts you entered for banking, investment, cash, credit and life insurance on page 2 of your Form 433-A.
  2. Identify the amounts for these items on the AET Worksheet.
  3. Compare these amounts. If the amount from the AET Worksheet for any of these assets is MORE than the amount you entered on your Form 433-A, then you may have a disputed item and may consider filing a request for an appeal.
2nd - Do you need help in identifying the documents supporting your item(s) in dispute?


3rd - Do you want assistance in identifying other disagreed items?


For telephone assistance or more information on "Preparing a Request for Appeal" go back to the beginning.