Appeal a rejected OFFER IN COMPROMISE (OIC) - Online Self-Help Tool (22)


If the IET Worksheet amount is LESS than the standard transportation expense allowance amount, supporting documents include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle registrations or titles.
  • Documents showing the region where you reside such as tax returns, telephone bills, and mail addressed to you. 

If the amount on line 35 or 36 of page 4 of your Form 433-A is GREATER than the amount you identified on the Standard Transportation Expense Table, provide supporting documents such as your annual actual receipts for lease or purchase payments, and one month’s receipts for vehicle insurance, registration fees, normal maintenance, fuel, public transportation, parking and tolls. You must prove that the amount in excess of the standard allowance was necessary for the health and welfare of you or your family, or for the production of income.

Do you want assistance in identifying other disagreed items?