Appeal a rejected OFFER IN COMPROMISE (OIC) - Online Self-Help Tool (23)


1st - Decide if you should dispute this item.

To determine the amount in dispute you will need (1) your Form 433-A, (2) the IET (Income/Expense Table) Worksheet sent to you with the rejection letter.

Follow these steps

  1. Identify the amount you used for taxes, court ordered payments, child care/dependent care, life insurance and other expenses from page 4 of your Form 433-A.
  2. Identify the amount for these items shown from the IET Worksheet.
  3. Compare these amounts:  If an amount from the IET worksheet for any of these items is LESS than the amount on your Form 433-A for any item, then you may have a disputed item and may consider filing a request for an appeal. You will need to present supporting documents to support the actual expense in dispute.
2nd - Do you need help in identifying the documents supporting your item(s) in dispute?


3rd - Do you want assistance in identifying other disagreed items?


For telephone assistance or more information on "Preparing a Request for Appeal" go back to the beginning.