PENALTY APPEAL - Online Self-Help Tool (13)

You may appeal the penalty. Refer to the Preparing a Request for Appeals page for more information.

Reliance on the advice of a tax advisor/professional is limited to issues generally considered technical or complicated. Your responsibility to file, pay or deposit taxes cannot be excused by reliance on the advice of a tax advisor.

Supporting documentation regarding Reasonable Cause due to reliance on written advice from the IRS or advice from a tax professional may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Name, and address of the tax advisor.
  • A copy of any written advice you received.

Please address the following in your explanation:

  • Was the advice you received in response to a specific request and was the advice related to the facts contained in that request?
  • Did you reasonably rely on the advice?  Here are some specific examples:
    • You did not rely on advice, if the advice was received after the date the return was filed.
    • You may have relied on advice received after the return was filed, if you then filed an amended return that followed the written advice.

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