E-file Affordable Care Act Information Reports (Form 8963 only)


If you are a Health Insurance Provider that files information report Form 8963, Report of Health Insurance Provider Information (“ACA Provider”), we encourage you to file electronically. The information contained on this page is only for filing Form 8963, not for the filing for any other ACA Forms.  E-filing eliminates the need for manual transcription and speeds up processing. Also, e-filers get an immediate acknowledgement of receipt and can track submission status online.  

IRS e-services are a suite of products that allow certain Health Insurance Provider (“ACA Provider”), to do business with the IRS electronically. Other IRS business partners, including accountants, lawyers and tax professionals also can use e-services. These services are only available to approved IRS business partners and not to the general public.

How do I e-file ACA Information Reports (Form 8963 only)?

Use this three step process to e-file ACA information reports

Step 1 - Register for e-services

If you are a Health Insurance Provider (“ACA Provider”) and want to file information reports Form 8963 electronically, you must create an e-Services account secured by the two-factor authentication identity proofing process called “Secure Access.” If you are new to e-Services, you must register using online authentication before you can access the e-Services suite of tools.  To begin, select the e-File application which you are trying to access and select “Sign Up” (or “Log In” if you have an account but haven’t completed Secure Access).

Step-by-step instructions on the registration process are available here: e-Services Registration for ACA Providers.

Step 2 - Submit your e-file application  

You also will need to submit an e-file application. We ask you to provide basic information about your business, your key people and identify yourself as an ACA Report Filer by selecting the ACA Provider role.  The ACA Provider role is only for those firms that will be filing ACA Information “reports.”  ACA Information “reports” refers to Form 8963, Report of Health Insurance Provider Information.

Note: The ACA Provider role is not for filers of ACA Information “returns.” Filers of the following   ACA Information “returns” must apply for an ACA Transmitter Control Code (TCC):

  • Form 1094-B, Transmittal of Health Coverage Information Returns
  • Form 1095-B, Health Coverage
  • Form 1094-C, Transmittal of Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage Information Returns
  • Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage

For more information on electronic filing of ACA Information Returns, go to the Affordable Care Act Information Return (AIR) Program webpage on irs.gov.

Step-by-step instructions on submitting the e-file application are available here: e-file Application for ACA Providers (PDF).

Step 3 - e-file ACA Information Reports (Form 8963 only)

After you complete your registration and e-file application, you are ready to e-file ACA information reports. Upload the Form 8963 or check status of prior submissions here:  ACA Form Acceptance (AFA)

Step-by-step instructions on accessing and submitting ACA forms are available here: e-file Form Submission Process (PDF).

Contact IRS for more information

  • ACA Report Filers, software developers and vendors - with questions about e-filing, call the IRS e-help desk at 866-937-4130
  • Publication 5165, Guide for Filing Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information Returns for Software Developers and Transmitters has information on AIR system
  • Taxpayers with account or tax law questions - call 800-829-4933
  • Tax practitioners with account or tax law questions - call 800-829-8374