Trustee-Documented Trust Subject to Model 2 IGA

With respect to Trustee-Documented Trusts, a periodic certification of compliance is required only for a Trustee-Documented Trust that is subject to a Model 2 IGA.

If the trustee had any trustee-documented trust subject to a Model 2 IGA jurisdiction during the certification period, the Responsible Officer (RO) of the trustee must select "yes" and provide the name and country/jurisdiction of each trustee-documented trust subject to a Model 2 IGA that is included in the certification. The system allows the RO to add up to 1000 trustee-documented trust per certification. If there are more than 1000 trustee-documented trusts, a separate certification will need to be submitted for the remaining trusts.

Note that the system will only display the sponsored entities that are in approved or were previously approved and are in terminated status. For periodic certifications, the list of sponsored entities will not include those sponsored entities that registered as such after the end of the certification period (e.g. effective date is after the certification period end date).