Joint International Taskforce on Shared Intelligence and Collaboration


JITSIC brings together members of the world's national tax administrations that have committed to more effective and efficient ways to deal with tax avoidance. It offers a platform to enable its members to actively collaborate within the legal framework of effective bilateral and multilateral conventions and tax information exchange agreements – sharing their experience, resources and expertise to tackle the issues they face in common.

JITSIC is open to all members of the OECD's Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) and operates through a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) in each country. It is supported by the FTA Secretariat based at the OECD.

JITSIC was originally established in 2004 as the Joint International Tax Shelter Information Centre to combat cross-border tax avoidance. Building on its initial achievements, JITSIC was re-established in 2014 with many new members from across the FTA.