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Market Segment Specialization Program (MSSP)

Placer Mining Industry

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Appendix B - Bibliography

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Appendix C - Examination Checklist for Mining

An examination checklist covering mining activity is included as part of this audit technique guide for Placer Mining to assist the user with pre-examination planning, the initial interview, and with the recognition of potential issues. This checklist is not intended to be all inclusive but only to serve as a guide.

Examination Checklist - Mining

________ Location of Mine
________ Ownership of Mine
________ Years of Operation
________ Status of Mining Activity
________ Type of Minerals Mined
________ Type of Mining / Placer
________ History of Activity and Operations
________ History of Income and/or Losses
________ RTVUE of Prior and Subsequent Years
________ Other Mines or Miners in Area
________ Permits Required and Obtained
________ Governmental Agencies Regulating the Activity
________ Mining Forms Filed
________ State or Federal Claim Number
________ Affidavits of Annual Labor
________ Mining Activity on Privately Owned Property
________ CTR's
________ Review IRP Documents
________ Inspect Mining Agencies' Files
________ Sources of Mining Income
________ Types of Sales
________ Sales of Minerals
________ Amount of Gold Sold and Dates of Sales
________ Sales of Raw or Refined Gold
________ Sales of Nuggets
________ Records Kept
________ Mining Partners/employees
________ Mining Stage for Years under Exam
________ Type of Mining Activity
________ Plan of Development for the Mine
________ Mining Season
________ Mining Equipment Used
________ Assets
________ Mining Assets
________ Acquisition of Assets
________ Bank Accounts
________ Source of Funds for Purchases
________ Loans and Collateral for Loans
________ Name and Location of Buyers of Inventory
________ Cash Transactions
________ Cash Hoard
________ Cash Expenditures
________ Bartering
________ Inventory of Gold or Other Minerals Maintained
________ Beginning and Ending Inventories
________ Payments of Labor or Expenses in Kind
________ Prospecting Activity
________ Exploration Stage and Expenses
________ Development Stage and Expenses
________ Producing Stage
________ Mineral Discoveries
________ Recapture of Exploration or Development Expenses
________ Claims Sold
________ Trade or Business versus Hobby
________ Activity Not for Profit Factors - IRC section 183
________ Economic Feasibility of the Operation
________ Passive Activity
________ Material Participation
________ Mining Lease or Royalty Income
________ Who Runs Day-to-Day Operations
________ Location of Residence of Owners
________ Hours Worked
________ Employees
________ Forms W-4, W-3, W-2, and 1099
________ Employment and Excise Tax Returns Filed
________ Employee versus Independent Contractor
________ Method of Depletion
________ Basis or Adjusted Basis of the Mineral Property
________ Estimated Reserves in Units
________ Fuel Costs and Type of Use
________ Environmental Permits and Restrictions

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