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Disaster Assistance Self-Study - Summary and Evaluation


We have discussed:

  • The purpose of the Disaster Assistance Self Study.
  • The steps to distribute the Disaster Kits.
  • How to determine the appropriate amount of casualty gain/loss to claim.
  • The sources to use to reconstruct records.
  • The taxability of various disaster payments.
  • The steps to recover lost or destroyed tax returns.
  • Some of the psychological reactions to disasters.
  • How to help yourself and others in a disaster.

Conclusion - Disaster Assistance Self Study

It is important that we assist the victims of disasters. We must help them reconstruct their homes and businesses from a tax, fiscal, and property standpoint. We can also help with their personal lives. If we recognize psychological and emotional issues, we should refer the victims to FEMA’s on-site counselor for help. No part of the country is immune from disaster – natural or otherwise. Remember, it could just as easily be you in need of the help.

Course Test

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