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Exhibit 6-2 - Notification Letter No Violations Noted


City State ZIP

BIN Numbers:

Dear Owner:

On __[date]__, a physical inspection of the project listed above was conducted.

The review included a walk-through of the building, common areas, mechanical rooms, and grounds, as well as 20% of the qualified units.  This review considered whether the building and its units were suitable for occupancy, taking into account ___[local health, building and safety codes]   or   [the Uniform Physical Condition Standards as specified in Treas. Reg. § 1.42-5(d)]. 

The buildings and units inspected were all found to be in good condition.  Based on this finding, no response is necessary.

Thank you for the cooperation and courtesies extended by members of your staff.

Please call me at __[telephone number]__ if you have any questions.  Or you may reach me by e-mail at __[e-mail address]__.  Thank you for your commitment to providing quality affordable housing in the state of _[state]__.


CC: Management Contact

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