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Exhibit 6-4 - Notification Letter – Critical Violations

Notice of Critical Violations
72 Hour Correction Period


Inspection Date: ____________ Tax Credit Project Number: _____________

Property Name: _______________________________________________ 

Property Location: _____________________________________________

Based on the physical inspection completed on the date referenced above, one or more critical violations have been identified and need to be corrected immediately.

Within _[time]__ hours of the inspection, the cited item(s) must be repaired and __[state agency]__ must be provided with written notification of the action taken to complete the correction.  Refer to the “Addressing the Physical Inspection Report” for further information.

Critical Violations





Inspections by: _____________   Telephone: _______________

E-Mail: ___________________  FAX: _____________________

Received By: _______________  Signature: _________________

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