IMRS Monthly Overview - February 2017

The IMRS Monthly Overview provides synopses of some of the issues that were received and/or closed by the Issue Management Resolution System staff during the past month. The Monthly Overview is intended to inform the public about the work of IMRS, and highlights the issues that we think would be of most interest to external stakeholders.

Recently Closed Issues

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IMRS Issue 16-0002180 -
 Incorrect fax numbers for Form 2553

Issue: A practitioner contacted the Service concerning his inability to fax Form 2553 because the instructions contained incorrect fax numbers.

Response: The fax numbers for Form 2553 have changed.  The correct fax numbers have been added to the Form 2553 instructions.

NOTE: Current and previous reports are also available on this site. The monthly overviews  are posted for the year through the current month. You can also access reports for issues closed in the prior year on the same page.

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