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IMRS Monthly Overview – March 2016

The IMRS Monthly Overview provides synopses of some of the issues received and/or closed by the Issue Management Resolution System staff during the past month. The Monthly Overview informs the public about the work of IMRS and highlights the issues that we think would be of most interest to external stakeholders.

Recently Closed Issues

Policy, Practice, Procedures

IMRS Issue 16-0002111 – Kansas City Return and Income Verification Services (RAIVS) unit fax number on Form 4506-T changed

Issue: A stakeholder notified the IRS that the fax number (816-292-6102) for the Kansas City RAIVS unit on Form 4506-T is no longer operational and has been changed to 855-821-0094. The stakeholder is requesting a revised form with the new phone number.  

Response: Thank you for your inquiry. IRS is revising Forms 4506 and 4506-T and plans to add the new information. In the meantime, this notification alerts users of the change and has the new fax number.

IMRS Issue 16-0002112 – Request to include mailing address on CP23 notices

Issue: At a recent liaison meeting, practitioners voiced concern that Notice CP23 doesn't state clearly where taxpayers should write if they disagree. The practitioners suggested that future revisions direct taxpayers to use the address listed on page one at the top, left-hand side of the notice.

Response: The IRS made a programming change to revise the notice with the IRS return address. IRS scheduled implementation of the updated notice for January 2017. The new notice will say: You can contact us by mail at the address at the top of the first page of this notice. Be sure to include your Social Security number and the tax year and form number you are writing about.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience.

NOTE: The IRS also provides current and previous reports on this site. You can also access reports for issues closed in prior years on the same page. We invite you to raise your issues/concerns with your local stakeholder liaison.

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